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Training Realm started as a small pushups project but the demand for simple exercise plans was so huge that it quickly grew to a full body workout programme. Since

It was created with just one purpose - provide a way for a typical busy person to gain and maintain a healthy fitness level.

Since it's creation millions of people have trained all the programmes and achieved great results improving their fitness levels and self confidence.

I always though I need a gym membership and a trainer to achieve anything. With Training Realm I train my whole body by myself and for free!

Many people get the benefits of our training programs and so can you. Give it a try. It does not cost anything.

Let’s get started!

There is nothing to wait for. You can start now and finally begin getting your life back.

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Our World class custom trainings

Fantastic set of trainings to keep your body in shape that takes only minutes a day to perform.

100 pushups

Easy to follow training program which increases you chest and arm strength and enables you to do 100 consecutive pushups.

50 pullups

Get your arms and back in shape. The 50 pullups programme will help you train pullups professionally

Iron abdominal muscles

Train situps with ease. Get to 300 in no time and have strong abdominal muscles.

300 squats

Squats are the ultimate leg shaping exercise. We give you a programme to ramp up really fast.

How to start running

Running is the best excercise in the world. If you do not like it, you started incorrectly. Start running with us and you will love in in 2 weeks.


Stay lean and strong and make sure you strech. You will feel great and your muscles and joint will thank you.

Warmup is a must

Proper warmup prepares you for a training. Done right it protects you from injuries and helps you achieve more.

Other aerobic options

Since aerobic training is the most important, we described some more options for you to chose from.