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How to start
how to start training!

How to start

Although you might be eager to jump head first into all the trainings, we recommend start slowly.

Your goal is to creat a routine that will became part of your life, which will keep you lean and strong for long. You therefore do not want to discourage yourself by too much work at the outset.


Warmup is a few minute workout to get you ready for a real exercise. It will get you on your feet if you just got our of bed or relieve stress a bit if you are just back from work. Do it every day before your training session.

Start with situps first

Situps are the best exercise to begin with. They build your core muscles, help reduce fat a bit and what is even more important that it will get you into a habit of exercising

  • Situps are the easiest training program. Your abdominal muscles can achieve more than you think and you will see progress really quickly.
  • Situps can be done everyday. This is important because daily routine is good for developing a strong exercising habit.

Start with situps first and only after completing add further trainings. Well if you cannot resist, add them earlier but be slow and add them one after another.

Adding further trainings

  • Pushups - pushups are a good second choice although really demanding. This will not go as easy as the situps. You will ache and will feel you really did train a lot.
  • Squats - squats can be added even before pushps. There are mid-difficult - somewhere between situps and pushups.
  • Stretching - You can add stretching whenever you want. If you train for a while now, you will notice that stretching is something you look for. Sore muscles like stretching and stretching can be a pleasant and healthy addition to your routine.

And that is it! You are training.

Wait! what about pullups?

We recommend to leave pullups for last. When you are doing 100 pushups or are really close, you can start training pullups. Pullups are by far the most difficult and taxing exercise of all. Also let's face it - your weight matters most with pullups. The thinner you get the easier it will be to do pullups.

Many people cannot do a single pullup or just 2 or 3. Training pushups will increase this number as your overall arm strength and fitness level increases.

As a rule of thumb. If you are training since 2 months and are aleady doing a good amount of pushups, you can try pullups. If you do more then 4 it makes sense to start. If not, continue with the other trainings.


We are leaving running as the last on the list. It is the best exercise of all and if there was only one you could do then we would recommend running. But starting running is more difficult then it seems. Running requires time and may not be too pleasant for the first few weeks - what is surprising if you think how fantastic and liberating it feels later on. Anyway, if you started your new healthy life with running, chances are you would give up after a second day (because of lack of time, bad weather or whatever). Situps do not have an excuse because they take almost no time and the success comes quickly. They help you with starting a habit and changing your mindset.

Start running when you feel like it. When you are doing situps and feel you want something more after you finished - go for a run. A small run. A few days later go for another. If you skip one or even a week, do not worry. Just continue. Do not let skipping running, stop your daily situps routine.

Sooner or later you will be well into situps and other trainings and will feel that you like your new fitness levels. Make sure you are also running by then. Running will really change your life. It really will. And you will like it - everyone does after the short period of pain (which is even shorter with our spectacular 40 minute running programme.

Our World class custom trainings

Fantastic set of trainings to keep your body in shape that takes only minutes a day to perform.

100 pushups

Easy to follow training program which increases you chest and arm strength and enables you to do 100 consecutive pushups.

50 pullups

Get your arms and back in shape. The 50 pullups programme will help you train pullups professionally

Iron abdominal muscles

Train situps with ease. Get to 300 in no time and have strong abdominal muscles.

300 squats

Squats are the ultimate leg shaping exercise. We give you a programme to ramp up really fast.

How to start running

Running is the best excercise in the world. If you do not like it, you started incorrectly. Start running with us and you will love in in 2 weeks.


Stay lean and strong and make sure you strech. You will feel great and your muscles and joint will thank you.

Warmup is a must

Proper warmup prepares you for a training. Done right it protects you from injuries and helps you achieve more.

Other aerobic options

Since aerobic training is the most important, we described some more options for you to chose from.